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Lent Study Small Groups:
Listening Hearts

This Lent we invite you to participate in the Lenten themes of trust, listening, prayer, bible study, humility, discipline, patience, and perspective, by joining a discernment small group. In these groups, members will engage in fellowship and in a process of holy listening and reflection on questions and insights raised in St. Paul’s visioning process. Groups are composed based on the day and time slot that works best for you, each group meeting weekly for 1 ½ hours between March 10 and April 14, for a total of five gatherings. Each group will have a facilitator of the process, as well as a member of the Priest in Charge Team to help enrich each gathering. Each meeting will be structured to engage one question or topic, and does not require participation in every week’s conversation.  However, weekly participation is highly recommended for your growth in the practice of discernment and for greater clarity of our collective call. Come as you are!

Please note that groups have limited space for participation and we will add your name to your preferred group on a first-come, first-served basis. We will remove groups from the list of options once they are full, but if we get a large number of online sign-ups for a specific group all at once or over a weekend (when Christian is not available to remove groups) and you are one of the later folks to sign up, we will contact you to discuss options. Please let us know in the comment area if there is a second group day/time that works for you. Thanks!

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