Dear Friends,

There is a growing expectation at St. Paul's, a budding exuberance even.  We are listening carefully now in a myriad of ways to each other as we begin to plow the terrain of a new, fresh identity for our church.  We find ourselves in a time of prayerful pausing, taking deep breaths and processing high hopes as we begin to define our collective faith journey.  Our stewardship theme this year is "Manifest Identity: Faith in Context."  This theme captures our 2018 mission to discern, name and claim an identity for St. Paul's by exploring and raising awareness around the impact of our Christian faith in the context of our lives together.  As our vestry is putting the finishing touches on our 2018 spending plan, we are at the time as a parish where we must provide the funds to make it happen.  Our stewardship drive begins October 15 and will end on November 26th - six short weeks.  Our goal is to solicit 70 pledges totaling $400,000, consistent with recent budget requests, in this short period of time.  As the campaign matures, we will provide more detail about how St. Paul’s spending plan fuels our ministries, both internal and external, and invites contribution of our time and talent, as well as our treasure.

During this campaign, we will have the opportunity to hear from six fellow parishioners in a "ministry moment" during the Sunday morning service, witnessing to how they have experienced growth in their faith through their engagement in the life of St. Paul's, and its application in the context their lives.

We can also expect that each St. Paul’s family or individual, as part of this campaign, will receive a phone call from a vestry member to provide more personal insight into the campaign's goals and aspirations, and allow us to participate at our pleasure.

It is our fervent hope that the simultaneous concentration of mission and resources over the coming year will excite and unite us in a clear vision of our work in the service of God.

Faithfully yours,

Roger Young              The Rev. Catie Green             Elsie Wodnik               Joanna Wragg