Mission Partnership

St. Mark's Church of Grace, Craig, CO

Effective July 1, 2012, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church entered into a formal Mission Partnership Agreement with St. Mark’s Episcopal Church/Lutheran Church of Grace in Craig, Colorado. The purpose of this Mission Partnership is to be able to reach further into the Yampa Valley area and allow for further development and growth in mission along that corridor. As a result, both parishes will be practicing evangelism in every sense of the word.

Fr. Bain White is designated as the Mission Partnership Vicar. As of December 2015, St. Mark's Episcopal Church/Lutheran Church of Grace became St. Mark's Church of Grace when the two churches were combined. Fr. Bain is full time in Craig and has moved the service from Saturday evenings to Sunday mornings. This position involves a commitment to a larger covenant of mutual trust and ministry between the two parishes, and both parishes look forward to growing together in faith.