Service Corps Members

Evan Brock

Partner Organization: The Boys & Girls Club, Steamboat Springs (

Evan Pic.png

Evan Brock is from Fairhope, AL, which is along the Gulf Coast. He holds a BA in History from a small school called the University of Montevallo. He decided to join Colorado ESC because he is looking to make a difference in the lives of others. This year, he is fortunate to serve at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of NW Colorado. He looks forward to learning more about the Steamboat Club and providing enrichment opportunities, as well as leadership opportunities, to its members. He likes watching anime and some foreign films, exercising, and long walks in the wild! He hopes to make great memories while serving Steamboat Springs!


John Christian Evans

Partner Organization: Yampatika (

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Otherwise known to his friends and family as “Mountain Man”, John Christian Evans recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Religion from Berry College in Rome, Georgia, An avid outdoorsman, John first experienced the glory of the western United States when he worked as a Wilderness Ranger for the United States Forest Service in New Mexico, and he is happy to return west to what he calls “God’s country”, but this time to the land of Colorful Colorado! John is excited to work as a Naturalist Intern at Yampatika, through which he hopes to be able to educate, mentor, experience, and learn more about God’s beautiful creation around Steamboat Springs. He is also thrilled to dig deeper and discern the call to ministry and ordination, to deepen and grow spiritually, and to live in and work towards what the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called “the beloved community” with his fellow ESC brothers and sisters in Christ. When he isn’t working or spending time outdoors, you can find John going on road trips, watching and geeking out over Star Wars, listening to his vinyl collection, reading and discussing theology, philosophy, and political science, playing his banjo and his bass, and meeting and spending time with new and fascinating people.


Collette Newcombe

Partner Organization: Northwest Colorado Center for Independence (

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Collette grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Gordon College in 2016. She majored in Social Work and Sociology with a minor in Art. Collette is passionate about community development, hearing people’s stories, and conflict resolution. Unsure of how her studies and passions will align, Collette looks forward to working with NWCCI and gaining more clarity in how these interests can be integrated. In her free time, Collette enjoys field hockey, skiing, drawing, surprises, running, reading, and stovetop popcorn. Collette has never been to Colorado, but is looking forward to the year of growth, discerning, and exploring that lies ahead.


Sara Sweeney

Partner Organization: Tread of Pioneers Museum (

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"Dang, I'm thrilled" is a common thought in Sara's mind as she imagines the adventures ahead in Steamboat Springs, CO. A suburban resident of Woodbury, MN, other thoughts that run through her mind are: "how much bug spray should I bring? Are there bears in Colorado? How do I scare away bears in Colorado? What part of my body would a bear go for, first?" She's hoping that the next year's events plant a few wilderness seeds in her confidence garden and that the only bears she encounters are made of graham cracker. Recently, Sara graduated from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA, with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion. In addition to her academic pursuits, Sara also learned a great deal about people, relationships, and the importance of listening, and plans for this to be a lifelong pursuit. Sara loves to travel, likes to eat chocolate, and finds it necessary to journal and be alone at times. Thankfully, Sara is more excited to work at the Tread of Pioneers museum than she is worried about encountering a bear during her time with the CO-ESC.


Lizzy was born in New York, New York. At a young age, her parents took her to a small town on the coast of New Hampshire where she filled her stomach with too much ice cream. When she was 17, she traded her trees for skyscrapers, when she moved back to New York City to complete a year of service, through Americorps program, called City Year. She spent the next year working in a middle school in East Harlem. After graduating from City Year, she attended Barnard College also in New York City, where she studied Archaeology and Anthropology. She spent summers in Northern New Mexico completing archaeological fieldwork on Comanche and Spanish Colonial heritage. When she's not digging in the dirt, she can be found experimenting in the kitchen or singing too loudly to the radio.