Service Corps Members Steamboat Springs 2018/2019

Emily Eldridge

Partner Organization: Tread of Pioneers Museum (

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Emily was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but spent most of her life in North Texas. In her free time she enjoys reading, sewing, playing games with friends, and quiet walks. While working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in History, she stumbled into an internship at a local museum and fell in love. After graduating with her Bachelor’s in 2012, she moved straight into a graduate program in Museum Studies, which she finished in 2015. All of this led her to the Colorado  Episcopal Service Corps program, which she discovered by first finding the Tread of Pioneers Museum. She has spent the last year in the Colorado Episcopal Service Corps program in Steamboat Springs and is thrilled to be able to stay for a second year with the program and the Tread of Pioneers Museum.


Weston Morris

Partner Organization: Northwest Colorado Center for Independence (

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Weston Morris is a cradle Episcopalian and North Carolina native with passion for adventure, art and justice. In 2015, he graduated from UNC Asheville with a degree in Religious Studies and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Since college he has worked in various fields including food service, banking and youth ministry. He looked to the Episcopal Service Corps for the next adventurous chapter and found Steamboat Springs. An aspiring snowboarder, Weston is excited to be in proximity to such beautiful mountains. In his free time, Weston loves to play board games, hike, explore and make friends with dogs. In the future, he hopes to pursue professional ministry or photography. In his year at the ESC in Steamboat Springs, Weston hopes to experience the Episcopal Church outside of North Carolina.


Rachel Pozzo

Partner Organization: Tread of Pioneer Museum (

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Rachel Pozzo is proud of her Midwestern roots.  She grew up in St. Louis and obtained her BS in History from Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri.  Her involvement with Campus Christian Fellowship at Truman State led to great growth in her personal faith and character.  She spent the summer of 2016 working in the archives at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming.  While there, she fell in love with the lore of the American West.  

Since graduating, Rachel has worked as a Currency Transaction Reporting Specialist and as a Substitute Teacher.  She also taught English through the Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Program.  Rachel is beyond excited to return to the historical field working at the Tread of the Pioneers Museum in Steamboat Springs.  

Rachel finds community one of the most important and rewarding aspects of life.  Friends and family are extremely important to her, and she loves spending time with people.  Additionally, she is a big fan of Abraham Lincoln, polar bears, and Cardinals Baseball. 

Service Corps Members Denver                          

Faith Bessette

Partner Organization: Urban Peak, Denver

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Faith is twenty-two years old, and has lived in Rhode Island since birth. As a true ocean stater, she feels recharged by the sea, and is proud to be from the smallest state in North America. She has been a student of Anna Maria College and the Community College of Rhode Island, but has struggled finding her place in formal education. Unsure, as so many are, of what she truly wants to be when she grows up. Her enthusiasm for youth, self discovery, service, and a sincere love of her fellow humans, has led her to Colorado Episcopal Service Corps and Urban Peak.

Since the age of 16, Faith has been passionate about her work at the Episcopal Conference Center; a retreat space and summer camp run by the Diocese of Rhode Island. She has found a home there through song, laughter, growth, and overwhelming love. She is able to feel centered through genuine connection, and she has found a strong spirituality through the belief that love conquers all. These days, Faith wants to expand her horizons by exploring the other facets of the Episcopal Church. She is honored to be a part of this program, which will hopefully bring her closer to finding a life-long niche in a career that embodies everything the Episcopal community has taught her thus far.

Faith enjoys expressing herself through music, art, thrift shopping, organization, and rearranging her bedroom. On a typical day, you could find her drinking too much coffee with her friends, driving to the beach, or perusing the aisles of Target as an afternoon activity. She loves her friends like they're family, and is an avid fan of open and honest conversation. Most importantly of all though, she likes to laugh. At herself, with others, and at vine compilations on Twitter.

Chelsea Gaines

Partner Organization: St. Francis Center Employment Office

Chelsey pic.png

Chelsea Gaines is twenty-one years old; she recently graduated from Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, Florida. She has a degree in Communication and Religious Studies, with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Chelsea is passionate about pursuing justice for marginalized groups of people, life, and her faith, which is why she is excited to be working with Colorado Episcopal Service Corps to learn more about these things and grow closer to Jesus. Chelsea is even more excited to be working with St. Francis Center; Chelsea has worked as an Assistant Case Manager in Clearwater, FL with a Refugee Resettlement Center while still in college, so she is pumped to expand her knowledge and skill of case work into a different area within the field.

Additionally, Chelsea loves engaging in conversation with people from all walks of life. She especially loves conversations about Eco-friendly alternatives, science, history, religion, traveling, and healthy forms of communication. You’ll probably learn quickly that she has a lot of information stored in her brain, and she LOVES to learn new things. Chelsea is the Queen of Random Fun Facts so be prepared to learn something new that is interesting and probably eight times out of ten not useful in everyday situations.  Chelsea is also a self-taught painter, a lover of good books, a chef with a sweet tooth, an explorer ready for the next adventure, and if you really must know an E/INFP. Chelsea is fun, creative, and loves to laugh but more importantly she is excited and ready for the year ahead with St. Francis Center and Colorado Episcopal Service Corps.

Megan Helbling

Partner Organization: St. Francis Housing Center

Megan Pic.png

Megan Helbling is from Richmond, Virginia, and spent the last four years at the University of Virginia, where she graduated in May with degrees in English and Religious Studies. While she wasn't lost in a garden with her nose in a book of theology or short stories, she spent time hiking and biking in the Blue Ridge, exploring bookstores and breweries, volunteering, and getting into lively debates with friends.

During her year in Denver, Megan will serve with the St. Francis Housing Center in their housing department. She's excited to learn about the network of nonprofits and government agencies that work together to help individuals, and to spend the year discerning where she might fit in that process during her future career. She's also looking forward to being supported by an intentional community grounded in theologies of social justice

Sara Hyneman

Partner Organization: Work Options for Women

Sara Pic.png

Sara Hyneman is 22 years old and a recent graduate from Blackburn College.  Born and raised in a tiny town in central Illinois, she moved to the equally tiny Carlinville to attend college.  With degrees in art and creative writing, she hopes to use her talent with words, art, and people to help others and become closer to God at the same time.  It was in college that one of her professors suggested that Sara might fit well within Colorado Episcopal Service Corps.  Her professor knew her passion for justice and for God, and thought that the opportunity would be both a chance to explore the world beyond the small towns she'd always inhabited.  Sara jumped at the chance.

With a special focus in the rights of undocumented people and the incarcerated, as well as LGBT+ people and their interactions with the Christian tradition at large, she is elated at the chance to help others and do good on a grand scale, as well as live in and fully explore such a booming city!

Sarah Meeks

Partner Organization: Lutheran Family Ministries, Refugee Ministries

Sarah Pic.png

Hey! Sarah Meeks is so excited and grateful to join this year’s CO ESC! She grew up just outside of Jackson, Mississippi among wonderful family and friends. Sarah went to college at the University of Mississippi where she studied International Studies with an emphasis in French and Global Health. She utilized every opportunity to travel throughout her four years and developed a passion for travel and cultural exchange that will continue with her! In addition to travel, she loves to spend time outdoors. She also has a deep appreciation for music and various other cathartic art forms.

She grew up in the Episcopal Church and has loved staying connected through participation in college ministry and as a camp counselor at the Mississippi Diocesan camp. She is excited to get connected to the Episcopal community in and around Denver!